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Decoration tips and ideas that combine simplicity and elegance

The house reflects the personality of its occupants, and the decor styles that can be chosen from, for example, there is a classic style of decoration where large and luxurious furniture is used. There is a simple home decor style that is elegant and elegant. If you prefer to follow this style in your home decor, here is this article that highlights the most important tips for simple home decor.


The list of compelling reasons behind the widespread use of minimalist home décor that encourages simplicity and not having a large number of unnecessary pieces, one of them is that living in a simple and clutter-free home automatically reduces stress and fatigue. Clutter and disorganization cause tension and visual stress, as white spaces without furniture or visual crowding in the home are the perfect way to clear the mind and think calmly.


Simple decorations are inexpensive, as you can renovate the house at the lowest costs , that is, without the need to spend a lot of money, and do not make major changes, and it also does not require the use of a specialized decorator because the simple decoration style focuses on using appropriate methods and simple arrangement methods that work to create Big difference in place with the simplest changes or the use of small decorative pieces. Simple décor makes a statement by following inexpensive, yet eye-catching ideas.


In order to get a simple home decor design, you should choose calm colors and designs that are free of garishness, patterns and many colors, and we will give the following tips that will help in obtaining a distinctive, simple and very beautiful design. Careful principles must be followed to achieve a simple and elegant look in home decor, including:


There should not be too much furniture and decoration, as the design of the house that depends only on the basics is the key to simplicity and comfort, so you should choose simple and small pieces in empty places, and stay away from huge pieces full of inscriptions, or with complex designs, as the main goal of Simple furniture is a relief to the eye and nerves.

Once you follow simple designs for your home and use free white spaces and small decorations, you will be able to decide what to get rid of or store and what decor and other items to display.


We usually advise to avoid integrating more than one color in simple decorations, and people often turn to white-colored furniture, as white furniture is a renewed fashion every year, and attention should be paid to following the correct decor rules when using white furniture.It is also preferable that Leave room walls as empty as possible, except for one or two pieces of painting, small home decor, or clocks.


Chandeliers or the main lights in simple decorations are often not cumbersome or large, as are the chandeliers of luxurious salons, and there are very diverse designs available, including those with striking and strange geometric designs. One of the most important rules for choosing chandeliers in the decor is to stay away from tall chandeliers if the ceiling is low, and you can choose from hundreds of designs for lights that are installed directly in the ceiling.


Curtains are one of the important pieces that enhance the aesthetics of the place, and change its decor, and speaking of simple decoration curtains, it is necessary to choose the curtains that are free of complications and that consist of only two pieces, and the curtain fabric can be chosen in a uniform color or the fabric with simple and soft patterns, taking into account its proportionality with the decor general. This should be avoided with curtains that contain more than two pieces, or made up of several colors, such as luxury decorative style curtains.


Simple decoration ideas are not limited to what was mentioned above, as there are many simple decoration styles to suit all interior spaces, whether small or large spaces.


The ideas that can be used in the decor of simple living rooms vary, but you must take into account the use of medium-sized and calm-coloured furniture. Examples of simple decor furniture in the living room are choosing the L-shaped sofa in English, and it is considered one of the most comfortable and ideal types of sofas for family living rooms You won't need to use many decorating pieces, and a center table with drawers can suffice for storage.

As for the decorative pieces, the hall can be decorated with easy and simple homemade handicraft pieces , which support sustainability and promote environmental preservation.


When choosing wall colors in simple decorations, the trend is towards calm colors, whether light such as white, beige and gray tones, or pastel colors. If you prefer dark colors, you can choose colors that are not bright, or shades of dark gray, and although dark colors do not make a person feel comfortable, they can be combined with other colors to get the same effect, and you can apply the method of merging three colors in a decor home .

Here is a list of distinctive shades that go with simple décor:

  • light gray
  • bluish gray
  • calm beige
  • light green
  • light violet

Wallpaper is a simple and inexpensive home decoration, despite this, it helps elevate the place to a remarkable level of elegance with its various designs, and there are unconventional ways to use wallpaper in home decor for those looking for excellence.


Interior designers pay noticeable attention when it comes to the styles of TV decorations in the home , but if you want to follow the simple decorations of the TV, consider the modern decorations that have spread recently and lie in hanging the TV on the wall, and adding a simple table to put some simple pieces of decoration.


People often turn to applying a very simple kitchen decor style, which helps in saving all work space, and examples of small and simple kitchen decor ideas are the use of shelves that help reduce overcrowding and provide additional space for decoration, as shelves are no longer used for storage only, but She was able to sweep the world of decoration to be used for decorative purposes, as there are many ideas for coordinating shelves , and they are ideal in simple decorations. Containers bearing pictures and patterns to match the kitchen can be purchased from the Dirham and Dirham shops in Dubai , which have a special section for simple and inexpensive kitchen decor pieces.


Baby rooms are the perfect place to apply the minimalist décor style, as you will only need to place a baby bed, a cupboard to hold the newborn essentials, a rug to add a warm touch to the place, and add some cute baby paintings. While the children are older, you can think of adding a play corner, and applying some decorative additions such as simple ceiling decor, where the ideas of children's ceiling decorations vary .

Thus, we have given you tips on simple home decoration and talked about the latest decorating ideas for simple homes. You can also see the  latest designs for children's bedrooms . To inquire and answer your questions, leave us a comment in the comments space at the bottom of the screen, and we also advise you to browse the many interesting entertainment, real estate and social topics offered by  the My Bayut group on Facebook .


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