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5 types of umbrellas and tips for choosing the right one

5 types of suitable umbrellas

    The installation of external shades for windows provides some comfort on hot summer days, as the awnings absorb the harmful rays of the sun, and external shades for windows are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs, according to the needs and space. It should be noted the need to choose a strong and durable structure for the awning; To suit all weather conditions, the outer shades last for about 10-15 years, and they can be maintained for a longer period through continuous maintenance, and withdrawal during the winter season, and in this article, we will present the types of outer shades for windows.

5 types of suitable umbrellas
5 types of suitable umbrellas

1. Retractable awnings

These umbrellas are used for outdoor spaces, and they are of widespread types and use, as they are installed on the walls, and they are also retractable and foldable umbrellas and can be used to reduce the amount of dust and dirt that may enter the house. For retractable umbrellas, including manually retractable umbrellas, including motorized umbrellas using a remote control device, and they are expensive and expensive types, and these umbrellas consist of four main parts, which are as follows:

  • the lid

The cover is represented by the type of fabric that forms the cover, as it must be strong and durable to secure the desired benefits, from dust and dust resistance, and protection from harmful sun rays such as ultraviolet rays, in addition to maintaining its color for as long as possible, as certain types of suitable fabrics are available. For making umbrellas, including the following:

Polyester: Polyester fabric covered with vinyl is one of the best types suitable for making outdoor umbrellas, as it is a non-stretchable material, and it is resistant to harmful sunlight, in addition to its resistance to mold and moisture.

Pigmented Acrylic: Pigmented acrylic is a good type for continuous use, due to its long-lasting color.

Aluminum: Aluminum is not the best type, as it can rust or fold.

  • the frame

The frame provides support for the canopy, and the parachute frame is most often made of aluminum, which is the lightest metal for making the parachute frame, and galvanized iron is also used to make parachute frames, and these frames are made in the form of circular tubes tied together, or square or rectangular tubes the shape.

  • Cassette

The hood holder helps protect the engine, as it helps protect it when the canopy is being pulled, and it is available in three types: the full hood mount, the semi-complete hood, and the open hood.

  • the engine

When installing a motor for the canopy, the durability of the motor must be taken into account, in addition to making sure that it has a low sound, and that its maintenance is free if it breaks down or needs some maintenance.

2. Portable umbrellas

This type of umbrella is characterized by the possibility of being transported from one place to another, in addition to ensuring adequate protection from sunlight and dust. It is manufactured using high-quality fabrics; To ensure good strength and durability when used, they are used to add privacy to the place, and they are available in a variety of attractive designs.

3. Vertical awnings

This type of umbrella is complicated compared to other types of umbrellas, as it connects two types of vertical and vertical umbrellas at the same time; It can be rolled and pulled, as well as made using high-quality fabrics, and can also be used to provide protection from the sun's rays, as well as protection in various weather conditions.

4. Window Awnings

This type of awning provides protection for the house from the sun's rays, it is designed to cover the windows, and it is available with a motor, or it can be fixed, as this type of awnings adds a beautiful and elegant exterior to the house.

5. Fixed awnings

These umbrellas are installed to remain fixed on the door, window, or roof. They are strong and durable umbrellas, as they protect against wind and rain, as well as protection from sunlight.

Tips for choosing the right umbrella

    There are a number of tips to consider when choosing an outdoor umbrella, and they are as follows:

  1. Ensure that the canopy provides the desired benefit, by choosing the appropriate size to provide shade at all times.
  2. Choosing the appropriate type of fabric, as the fabric must be durable and strong, as well as being resistant to different weather conditions, such as water and rust resistance.
  3. Adding smart technological tools, such as adding smart sun sensors, that automatically open the umbrella, as well as pull the umbrella when strong winds blow; To protect it from damage, and to preserve it for as long as possible.
  4. Choosing the appropriate design, commensurate with garden furniture and decor, through the use of striped fabric, or one-colored fabric, and choosing the appropriate shape for the canopy as well.


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