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Why is the washing machine not draining water

It will become difficult to dry clothes quickly, especially in the cold winter, as it will take a long time to dry, so it is necessary to Find out all the reasons why water remains collected in the washing machine tub.

Why is the washing machine not draining water?

    There are several reasons related to the problem that the automatic washing machine does not drain the water correctly. This causes the clothes to remain full of water and is difficult to dry by hand. Below are some detailed reasons.

1- Malfunction of the water pump

    This malfunction results in problems, including the water, never coming out, or the water is drained, but not completely. In this case, several important things must be ascertained, which are the following:

  • The presence of obstacles that prevent the entry of water coming from the washbasin into the pump.
  • The presence of several obstacles that prevent the exit of water from the pump due to a severe drop in the drain pipe.
  • The pump motor never works, here it can be said that the pump does not receive electricity, so the electricity must be checked at both ends of the pump.
  • If the electric current does not reach the pump, the pump manufacturer must be checked to be fully checked.

2- If the electric current reaches the pump

  • If the electric current to the pump is 220 volts and the motor does not rotate and does not make a sound, then it can be said that the feeder above the pump is damaged.
  • Or that the motor coil in the pump has a disconnection, so it needs to be re-wound or the pump should be changed completely.
  • If the pump motor makes a sound but does not rotate, it can be said that there is a short circuit in the motor.
  • When the pump makes a sound but it does not rotate, there may be objects stuck in the pump fan that must be removed.

3- Malfunction of the drain pipes

    The occurrence of a blockage in the drain tube leads to the automatic washing machine not draining the water. This is checked by removing the drain tube from the washing machine and then blowing it inside it. If the air comes out smoothly, it can be said that the tube is intact, but the problem may be primarily at the water drain The main one may be clogged due to dirt gathering.


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