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Steps to making a dog house

Steps to making a dog house

but many dog ​​breeders do not They prefer having it in the house or staying in it, and they prefer to keep it in its own house outside the house, either in the garden or on the stairs, so some seek to make a home for their dogs themselves and with cheap materials or available at home, so this article will explain how to make a house For the dog in an easy way.

Making a dog house

Steps to making a dog house
Steps to making a dog house

Materials needed

  • Cordless circular saw.
  • Cordless hole saw.
  • sanding tool
  • Screwdriver.
  • 2.5-3mm screws.
  • Rotate disc.
  • Wood glue and adhesive.
  • Two 18mm long wood boards
  • Treated wood panels with a size of 38*63 mm.
  • Structural wood for the outer frame, 38*38 mm in size.
  • The floor plank is 9mm thick.
  • 11 pcs of the wide circular fence with a size of 1.8*70mm.
  • Wood pieces for the board.
  • Waterproof glue.
  • External wood screws.
  • Straight surface for drawing lines.
  • tape measure.
  • roofing adhesive;
  • Sharp tool or knife.
  • Solid screws.
  • paintbrush.
  • Exterior wood paint.

Steps to making a dog house

    You can make a dog house at home in an easy way by following these steps:

  • Planning to make a house that includes all the needs of the dog, as dogs differ in their breeding requirements and needs. It is also preferable to plan to make a house that is not affected by weather and climate factors, and the dog can stay inside it safely.
  • Cut four 5" x 10" boards to make the kennel's base floor edges. Two pieces are about 55cm long, and two are about 58cm long. This is the perfect size for a medium-sized dog.
  • Arrange the shingles into a rectangle, then secure them with a hole saw and screws 3cm from the end of the edges.
  • Cut the floor to the size of the base, determine the locations for fixing the nails, then install the floor using one nail, 3 cm in length for each corner of the edges of the base, making sure that the floor is made of natural wood to resist weather and moisture.
  • Cut the wooden panels for the walls according to the design. It is also preferable to use natural wood to insulate different weather conditions so that the length of all walls is about 66 cm and its width is about 40.5 cm, while the height of the triangular piece of the front and back wall is about 30.5 cm and its width is about 40.5 cm.
  • Cut an entrance in the front wall of the kennel, to be 25 cm wide and 33 cm high, while the height of the door in the entire entry should be about 7.5 cm, including the base. The entrance can be identified using a circular plate to make an arch at the top of the entrance.
  • Cut a wooden board into 8 pieces to make the fixing frame for the walls and ceiling, 4 pieces of which are about 38 cm long and used for the sides, and the remaining four pieces are about 33 cm and used to install the ceiling.
  • Use 3 screws with a length of 3 cm to install the frame pieces, which are about 38 cm long, and start fixing them on the ends of the wall pieces, then fix them to the base using wooden screws, taking care to leave a distance of 10-12.5 cm between each nail.
  • Fix both the back and front wall to the floor, then fix the frame around the perimeter using wood screws, taking care to leave a distance of 10-12.5 cm between each nail.
  • Building the roof of the kennel with sloping sides in the form of a triangle, to prevent rain and snow from gathering on the roof of the house, by drawing a roof plan, cutting two wooden pieces 80 cm long and 50 cm wide, and then installing them on the walls.
  • Install the frame for the roof of the house from inside the edges of the front and back walls, with a thickness of about 5 cm and a width of 5 cm, taking care that the frame is against the middle of the floor and the ceiling in the form of an angle, and fixing it using nails 3 cm long on each wall.
  • Placing the wooden pieces for the ceiling on the sides of the walls from the outside, making sure that they are fixed and tilted from the sides. They can be fixed using 3 wooden nails 30 cm long, leaving a space of 7.5 cm between each nail.
  • Start by painting the dog house using non-toxic paint and materials. It is preferable to paint the outside of the house is distinctive and beautiful colours. Children can also participate in the painting.
  • Add a wooden piece that includes the dog's name and hang it above the entrance to the kennel, to give the house a personal feel.

Tips when making a dog house

    Several tips must be taken when making a dog house, and among these tips are the following:

  1. It is preferable to measure the length of the dog from the nose to the tail when planning to make a house of its own, taking care to add approximately 5-10 cm, then measure the height of the dog from the ground and add approximately 5-10 cm to the height as well, so that the house is suitable for the size of the house dog.
  2. It is preferable to plan to make a house that is easy to move and move from one place to another, according to the fluctuations of weather and climate; To protect the dog from rain and cold in the winter, and the high heat in the summer.
  3. It is preferable to use glass fibres to insulate the dog house, or to use insulating materials capable of keeping it warm in the winter.


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