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How to get the washing machine water out

These problems may be in the sewage blockage, which causes several malfunctions in the washing machine, the most important of which is that the water won't come out of it duly, frequently stuck in the pipes, remnants of cleaner or some grease and canvases that come out From clothes, to break this problem must do the cleaning of the gutter, this is generally done manually or by the use of chemicals with little time and trouble.

Necessary tools and materials

  1. Rubber gloves.
  2. Manual cleaning wire.
  3. Boiling water.
  4. Drain cleaner.
  5. English key.

How to get the washing machine water out

How to get the washing machine water out depends on several things, the most important of which is ensuring the safety of the water ejection pump and making sure that there are no blockages in the drainpipe or a blockage in the water drain itself.

1- Find the drain pipe

    The washing machine drain pipe is usually located in the back of the washing machine, and it is a pipe that comes out of the washing machine and enters the drain, either to is connected to the drain or to insert a large part of it into the drain.

2- Pour hot water into the drain tube

If the washing machine drains water slowly but it is not completely clogged, you can try pouring boiling water into the drainpipe to remove the traces of soap and fat stuck to it, which leads to suffocation in the drain pipe.

3- Use a pipe cleaner

    The water can be drained from the washing machine using a commercial drain cleaner if the blockage in the pipe is large. Strong detergent can be used, it will be useful in removing medium blockages, but it cannot remove the blockage if the pipe is completely closed.

    To use the pipe cleaner, the pipe must be separated from the washing machine and the drain, and then put the pipe directly on the drain. Some pipe cleaners require placing hot water inside the pipe, so read the instructions on the package before use.

    But in general, very hot water is poured into the tube, then the detergent is added and left for a certain period mentioned on the package, it should not be left for long periods because it may cause corrosion in the plastic hose, then the tube must be cleaned well to get rid of the detergent materials inside it and then re-install it.

4- Use the manual cleaning wire

    If the blockage is large, boiling water or strong detergent cannot get rid of this blockage in the pipe, a manual cleaning wire can be used, which is a thin metal tool that enters the pipe and breaks down dirt, and removes it from the pipe through circular movements that it makes, as it is considered a wire Cleaning is the best way when the blockage is large after you have finished using it, the tube is thoroughly washed from the inside and re-installed.

    This is how the water can be drained from the washing machine if there is a blockage in the drainpipe, either by using only boiling water or a strong pipe cleaner with hot water as well.

Another problem of not the washing machine water out

  • Exhaust pump malfunction.
  • A blockage in the centrifugal pump filter.
  • Electricity does not reach the pump.
  • Pump fan failure.
  • pump motor combustion.
  • Do not close the washing machine door tightly.
  • There is a malfunction in the sensor in the washing machine door.
  • Blockage of the main drain.


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