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Fridge bulb malfunctions and how to fix them

Fridge bulb malfunctions and how to fix them

    The refrigerator is one of the basic electrical appliances in homes, and it is a major component of food storage, and over time, the refrigerator can be exposed to many malfunctions and problems that lead to hampering its main function. And in this article, we explain how to repair a refrigerator bulb.

Fridge bulb malfunctions and how to fix them
Fridge bulb malfunctions and how to fix them

Make sure the door key

    The door switch works on lighting the lamp when the refrigerator door is opened, by connecting the electricity to it via a pulsed button, and it also works to turn off the lamp when the refrigerator door is closed, by disconnecting the electricity from the lamp, and in the event of a problem with the refrigerator lamp, the first thing to do It must be thought of as the door key, and the problem of the refrigerator door key can be solved by following the following:

  • Pressing the door switch more than once to release it, it is likely that it is stuck due to the accumulation of dirt and dust.
  • Clean the refrigerator door switch by rubbing it with a piece of cloth dampened with warm soapy water.
  • Replacing the door key if it is broken, by removing it using a screwdriver, separating the wires from it, and installing the new key.

Relax the light bulb

    A loose light bulb can cause the refrigerator bulb to malfunction, and this malfunction is caused by the refrigerator vibrating when the door is closed forcefully. You can also verify this and solve this problem by following the following steps:

  • Open the cover of the light bulb, using a screwdriver, then pull the cover.
  • Tighten the light bulb clockwise, it can be sure to solve the problem when the bulb lights up immediately after turning it on.

Check the electric current

    A power outage can cause the refrigerator light to stop working, and it should be noted that many reasons lead to a power outage, including the following:

1. Unplug the electric wire

    Make sure that the power cord is correctly inserted into the plug, as an error can cause it to be pulled out.

2. Disable the circuit breaker

    The overload of power causes the circuit breaker of the refrigerator to close, so it is necessary to check the main circuit breaker panel, and adjust the breaker again, besides being careful to avoid placing too many devices on the same breaker; This is to avoid a short circuit.

3. Completely blackout

    A complete power outage from the house causes the refrigerator bulb to disable, and all household appliances, and to keep the foods stored inside the refrigerator cool, the refrigerator door must be left closed until the electricity is restored.

4. Damage to the electrical wire

    Damage to the refrigerator wire can cause the refrigerator bulb to malfunction, which may lead to a power outage in the refrigerator, and to solve this problem, an electrician or specialist must change the refrigerator wire.

5. Malfunction of the power plug

    A fault in the electrical plug causes the entire refrigerator to disable, including its lamp, and this problem can be resolved by checking the power plug using a tester for the unconnected circuit, and noting that the device reads whether there is electric power or not, and if there is no electric current, the plug must be replaced electrophoresis.

6. Lamp base malfunction

    Gaseous foods and dirt buildup inside the refrigerator can corrode the lamp socket and lamp base, causing it to malfunction. This problem can be resolved by the following:

  • Unscrew the lamp base, clean it, and clean both the lamp socket and the plastic cover, using a paper towel and glass cleaner.
  • Dry the lamp base and cover, taking care to tighten the lamp again.

light bulb burning

    Usually, the burnout of the lamp is clearly visible when the lamp cover is removed. 

  • Completely disconnect the power supply from the refrigerator, by pulling the refrigerator cord from the electrical socket, or disconnecting the current from the main circuit breaker; This is to avoid electric shocks during lamp replacement.
  • Locate the refrigerator light bulb, remove its outer cover, and then remove the burnt-out bulb.
  • Purchase a new refrigerator lamp at an electrical hardware store. Make sure the lamp is 25 watts, 40 watts, or 120 volts, which is common for all refrigerator lights.
  • Install the new lamp in the refrigerator socket, turn it clockwise, then install its screws, and install the outer cover of the lamp.
  • Connect the power to the refrigerator again, and make sure the lamp is working well.
  • Contact the specialist if you encounter any problem during the installation of the lamp.


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