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Freezer Hole Repair

Freezer Hole Repair

    The refrigerator-freezer gets holes when the ice accumulated on it is removed from its wall using a sharp object such as a food knife or flat knife, which may cause damage to its wall and unintentionally create a hole in it, or puncture one of the tubes containing refrigerant gas (freon), which contributes to The failure of the freezer and its reduced efficiency in cooling and maintaining the internal and external temperature of the freezer and its parts, so in this article, we will present ways to repair the freezer hole and tips to keep it free of holes.

Freezer Hole Repair
Freezer Hole Repair

How to repair a freezer hole

    The following steps can be taken to repair the hole formed in the wall of the freezer that does not affect the cooling tubes:

  1. Use an iron file to file the hole edges in the freezer box until smooth.
  2. Clean the puncture site from the inside and outside well using medical alcohol and paper towels.
  3. Measure the dimensions of the hole inside and out.
  4. Cut a sheet of aluminum in a square shape, to the size of the hole, with an increase of at least two and a half centimeters, to ensure that the hole is completely covered.
  5. Put a quantity of waterproofing material (caulk) on all edges of the aluminum plate, about half a centimeter away from the edges.
  6. Use a strong metal glue and apply a sufficient amount of it to the edges of the hole.
  7. Put the aluminum plate directly on the hole, taking care to direct the glued part to the hole, and press the plate so that the glue sticks to the plate, and the insulating material sticks to the wall of the freezer, for five minutes or until the plate is fixed in place.
  8. Leave the plate to dry for 24 hours before completing the steps.
  9. Spray a layer of insulation over the surface of the piercing using an insulating foam spray, and allow it to dry completely.
  10. Cut the foam around the hole with a thin saw.
  11. Flatten the surface of the dry foam with sandpaper until it is level with the surface of the freezer.
  12. Clean the puncture site again with medical alcohol and wipe it well.
  13. Paint the area with a color matching the color of the wall of the freezer, and leave it to dry according to the instructions for use to complete the process of repairing the hole.

Signs of a hole in the coolant (Freon) tubes

    Freezers depend on Freon gas that passes through its tubes as a cooling liquid to maintain its internal and external temperature appropriately for foods and for hot parts of the refrigerator such as the engine and others, and its leakage due to a hole in the pipes leads to disruption of the functions of the refrigerator and causes some health risks, and the following things indicate a hole in the pipes Freon:

  • Keep foods at a warm temperature and do not freeze or thaw in the freezer.
  • The engine parts work for a longer time than usual and continuously due to the lack of coolant that keeps its temperature and the temperature of the freezer properly.
  • Suddenly the high cost of the electric bill for no apparent reason, due to the engine running longer than usual.
  • There is a strange smell similar to the smell of antiques around the freezer, and this smell is more pronounced in closed places without windows, such as in-car garages.
  • Infection of household members with symptoms such as headache, dizziness, fainting, and others without an apparent reason, due to the leakage and inhalation of Freon gas.
  • A whistling sound from the freezer, as it results from the gas exit from the hole in its tube.

How to deal with a hole in Freon tubes

    It is recommended to do the following when suspecting a hole in the Freon tubes to avoid food spoilage or unpleasant symptoms:

  • Disconnect the electricity from the refrigerator, empty the contents of the freezer, and put foods in a place that keeps them from spoiling.
  • Open the windows in the room to increase ventilation and avoid inhaling large amounts of freon.
  • Change the freon piping system and refrigerator evaporator, or buy a new refrigerator, due to the high repair cost.

How to protect the freezer from holes when cleaning

    It is recommended to follow the following method when removing the accumulated ice in the freezer to avoid making holes in it:

  • Turn off the freezer and turn off the electricity, and remove foods, shelves, and freezer drawers from inside.
  • Hold the water drain hose attached to the refrigerator and direct it to a location away from the freezer.
  • Put newspapers around the refrigerator to avoid water pooling around it.
  • Waiting for accumulated ice to melt at room temperature, using a hairdryer to defrost it, using a cloth dampened in hot water, or placing bowls of hot water in the freezer, removing pieces of ice with a rubber spatula, and avoiding using sharp tools to remove the ice.
  • Wipe the water collected in the freezer and remove the ice pieces and take them out of the freezer.
  • Dry the freezer box well.
  • Change the rubber seal around the refrigerator door if it is damaged.
  • Operate the freezer, and periodically remove the ice whenever it accumulates to about six millimeters or more, to facilitate the removal process and finish in a shorter time without damaging the foods outside the freezer during cleaning.


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