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3 ways to fix the door lock

3 ways to fix the door lock

    The shapes of the door handle and the way to open and lock them vary, but due to weather factors and their frequent use, they may be exposed to malfunctions that cause rust, damage, and other problems that may cause difficulty in opening and closing the door, so in this article, we will show how to fix malfunctions that affect door handles and their causes. 

Door handle damage indicators

    The appearance of the following indicates that there is a problem with the door handle that needs to be repaired:

  1. Difficulty locking the door, or not being able to lock it without moving the door lever up.
  2. Loosen or loose screws.
  3. Squeaking and friction sound when opening and closing the door.
  4. Parts of the handle are broken and damaged.
  5. Door handle repair methods and reasons for its failure 
  6. Door handles are exposed to various malfunctions, and the following is a list of them and how to fix them:

Door Lock
Door Lock

1. Get rid of rust

    Various parts of the handle may rust from its surface or inside with the time, which leads to the difficulty of opening it, and the rust can be removed from its parts by following the following method:


  1. White vinegar with a pH of at least 5%.
  2. baking soda.
  3. Anti-rust spray for metals.
  4. Cross screwdriver for doors with screws, flat screwdriver for doors with rose plates.


  • Unscrew the door handle screws or remove the mounting disc and remove the handle from the door with an appropriate screwdriver.
  • Disassemble the door handle parts from each other, and put the pieces in a suitable container.
  • Pour some vinegar over the handle pieces until they are submerged, and leave them in the vinegar for a day.
  • Remove the vinegar from the handle pieces, and place them in a dry bowl.
  • Pour some baking soda on it, then pour water on it.
  • Scrub the pieces with a toothbrush to remove traces of rust.
  • Dry the pieces with a clean cloth.
  • Spray an appropriate amount of metal spray to protect it from rust within a short time.
  • Fitting the handle parts together as it was.
  • Reinstall the handle on the door and install it as it was, making sure it is working properly.

2. Tighten the loose parts 

    The reason for the door sagging is due to the following things:

  • Frequent use and wear of handle parts.
  • Accumulation of dirt and dust in the internal parts.
  • Loosen or loose screws.
  • There is a problem with the door handle lever and its parts.

How to tighten the door handle

    Follow these steps to tighten the door handle when its parts are loose:

  1. Remove the door handle by unscrewing the installed rhetoric.
  2. Detection of the set screws that connect the internal parts of the handle from the inside and outside of the door, and re-attach it and tighten it in the event of its separation.
  3. Return the handle of the handle to the door and tighten the external screws securing it.
  4. If the door handle is detached and fixed using the rose plate, then it must be rotated to the right so that the handle is fixed on the door.

3. Change the knob

    The change option is a radical solution to all problems, and people like to change the handle for the following reasons:

  • The door handle is loose or separated from the door wall when opening and closing it, and the previous solution was ineffective in getting rid of this problem.
  • The rigidity of the door lock and the difficulty of opening it is due to the accumulation of dirt and dust inside it, which will affect the interior parts and their ability to move smoothly. This problem can be solved before changing by cleaning it using graphite powder and spraying it on the interior parts, or using cleaning agents that can dissolve the accumulated grease.
  • The inability to open the door in the usual way due to the incorrect installation of the handle parts or their wear and tear over time will cause them to not align with each other to work as intended.
  • The handle does not have a lock, and the desire to lock the door tightly.
  • Desire to put a door handle with a different design.

How to change the door handle

    An individual can change the old door handle and install the new one by following these steps:

  1. Fixing the door and preventing it from moving, by placing a cloth or threshold installed under the door.
  2. Loosen the external fixing screws inside and out with a cross screwdriver.
  3. Use a screwdriver to pry out the screw-free door handle, inserting it into one end and pushing it outward.
  4. Take out the lockbox located in the narrow corner of the door, and loosen the screws, if any.
  5. Loosen the screws securing the strike plate on the fixed side of the door into which the lock tongue enters.
  6. Take measurements from the edge of the door to the centre point of the door handle location, to find the appropriate new handle size.
  7. Purchase a new handle that fits identical to the old one.
  8. The new lockbox was placed in its slot in the corner of the narrow door, and the opening of the box can be enlarged by placing the box on it and drawing its borders with a pencil and digging it out.
  9. Place the door handle from the inside and outside and make sure that they are aligned, and make sure that the face of the handle that contains the lock is placed on the correct side of the door.
  10. Install the handle by simply installing the screws in all the holes, then completing them alternately until the handle is stable without tightening it too much.
  11. Install the new lock plate using its screws, making sure that it aligns and matches the sliding door lock and make sure that they do not collide with each other.
  12. Ensure that the door can open, close, and lock correctly and steadily, and adjust the parts that need to align better.


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