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3 Reasons for Air Fryer Malfunction

3 Reasons for Air Fryer Malfunction

    The air fryer is one of the useful household appliances, and it has become widespread among people and is present in most homes, and this fryer works to fry food healthily without using fats and oils, but it may break sometimes, as some malfunctions affect this type of fryers, and we will review In this article, the most important causes of these malfunctions, and how to fix them.

3 Reasons for Air Fryer Malfunction
3 Reasons for Air Fryer Malfunction

1. There is damage to the wire

    Sometimes the wire of the air fryer may be damaged, and this leads to the inability to turn on the device, as we press the power button more than once, and we are sure that the fryer is connected to the plug but it does not work, or we may notice that the fryer stopped working suddenly, In some cases, the problem may be damage to the wires connected to the air fryer, so care must be taken to check it periodically and repair it in the event of damage to it.

2. Technical problem with the fryer

    Some people notice blue smoke coming out of the air fryer during its operation, which is a rare problem, but most often it indicates the presence of a serious problem, and it may result in a fire if it is not repaired; This causes the release of electrical charges capable of melting rubber, plastic, and other flammable materials, and this often indicates a problem inside the device, and you must pay attention to it and remove the device from the electrical plug immediately, and that white smoke from the air fryer does not indicate a problem in the air fryer. Mostly, but the steam results from cooking. As for the rise of black smoke, it does not indicate a big problem either, but it indicates the presence of large amounts of fat in the food, and this problem can be solved by adding a little water to the air fryer.

3. The parts of the air fryer are not clean

    This problem is not one of the problems that lead to a malfunction of the air fryer, but it affects the quality of the foods that are placed inside the fryer; The food comes out as if it has a smell from the previous food, or the taste of the foods may be mixed with each other, as the remnants of the previous foods, grease and vapours may affect the food that is placed inside the air fryer, and to solve this problem, care must be taken to clean all parts of the fryer and its accessories, by Separate all parts that need to be cleaned, clean them well with soap and water, and can be placed in the dishwasher for the largest possible cleaning, and the instructions attached to the device can be used to learn how to clean the fryer correctly.

Air fryer malfunction repair steps

    Some malfunctions affect the air fryer, which can be fixed by proper handling of the device. These steps are described as follows:

1. Unplug the air fryer from the electricity

    This step is the most important and the first step that must be followed in case you notice that the air fryer is not working properly, there may be a defect in the settings or the like. This method is sometimes effective if the problem with the fryer is minor.

2. Make sure the power cable is properly connected to the electricity

    This step is necessary, and care must be taken to verify it before thinking of a malfunction in the device. Some people may think that the problem is in the power cable and contact the company to bring a new cable and they will cost additional amounts, and the problem is simple, which is that the cable is not properly connected to the power socket, It is necessary to pay attention not to leave the power cable for a long time, and to change it in the event of a long period, and care must be taken to conduct a periodic examination of the cable; This is to ensure that there is no corrosion or defect in the cable; Because cable problems can sometimes lead to major burns.

3. Check the power adapter

    Sometimes we may change the power cable, and it costs high amounts, and the malfunction of the air fryer may continue, as the problem may be in the power adapter connected to the cable and not the cable, so be sure to check it before thinking about changing the cable and buying a new cable, and sometimes the adapter can be disassembled And determine whether the problem is from it or not, or noticing the presence of signs or traces of combustion on the transformer itself.


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